Our company offers a waste/garbage management service to the people of Still Bay and Jongensfontein. We supply bins or mini-skips for the removal of building rubble, garden refuse, office waste as well as household trash and garage junk. Since our skips are extra strong, we also do deliveries of small quantities of bricks, crushed stone, sand, etc.

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Removing Building Rubble

Our bins are 2m³ in size and can carry 2.5 tons. They are built extra strong to be able to handle heavy loads such as building rubble. If you are planning on some renovation or an extension to your home, do not let the rubble problem get in the way of your plans...Read more

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Removing Garden Waste

A garden is a living thing, constantly producing waste which differs slightly from season to season. During summer months garden plants, weeds as well as lawns grow more energetically than in winter time. Dead annual plants are pulled out and replaced by fresh seedlings. ...Read more

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Removing Household Waste

We do not realise how much junk we hoard over time. This human trend causes us to regularly have to spring-clean and chuck away all the empty plastic containers as well as plastic and glass bottles. The kitchen is probably the room in the house where ...Read more

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Removing Office Waste

Businesses also need to clean up their space regularly. This often creates a problem with lots of paper, empty boxes, packing materials, empty bottles, plastics, cans and even bags of bathroom waste. Depending on the volume of your company's waste we...Read more

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Permanent Bin Placings

It is a good idea to keep a mini-skip permanently available in public places. Our bins will only enhance the environment because of their bright yellow colour. It will assist in keeping our public places clean and keep wild animals from eating plastics...Read more

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