Removing Household Waste in Still Bay & Jongensfontein

We do not realise how much junk we hoard over time. This human trend causes us to regularly have to spring-clean and chuck away all the empty plastic containers as well as plastic and glass bottles. The kitchen is probably the room in the house where most of the household garbage originate from. Egg holders, empty cans, food wrappings, egg shells, vegetable peels, food waste, left over food, etc.

From the rest of the house come stuff like empty boxes, scrap paper, scrap pieces of fabric/material and little bits of left over wool.

Stilbaai Bins

 Very quickly these types of waste can fill up storing space in cupboards and drawers. You might be cleaning out the house because you are moving somewhere else, most probably a smaller more manageable dwelling.

Then, of course there is the classic garage clean out. Incredible the trash that can be stashed in the garage. All those pieces of wood and planks, those scraps of metal and rubber, those rusted nuts, bolts, screws, washers and empty coffee cans. The stuff you kept for ‘in case’ and never used and which is now covered under a layer of dust and spider webs.

It is time to call for one of our yellow mini-skips! We deliver the skip, you junk it up, we fetch the skip, your problem is dumped.

Just a friendly reminder – no batteries, appliances, e-waste or hazardous waste, please.

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