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Our company supplies extra strong bins or mini-skips for private as well as commercial waste management.                                        Since we are in the waste removal and disposal                                                        business, your garbage is our business.

Stilbaai Bins

There is no need for you lie awake at night worrying about that heap of garden refuse behind the garage – a perfect nest for rodents attracting snakes. Simply let us drop a yellow bin right there where you need it. You rubble it up, we collect and discard.

Our yellow-and-black mini-skips can be seen in the Still Bay-Jongensfontein area. Two beautiful and popular coastal holiday towns 10 km apart in the Hessequa area of the Western Cape along the equally beautiful Garden Route. We offer reasonable prices, prompt delivery as well as prompt removal, in short, a prompt solution to your litter problem.

So, do not despair! Just call for a yellow bin and fill it up with your plastic waste, glass waste, fabric waste, paper waste, metal waste, etc. We will collect it and your household rubbish problem magically disappears.

Why a Mini-Skip?

The mini-skip is the smallest of the skip containers and is on average 2m³. This means it is ideal for jobs generating small amounts of waste as well as for being dropped in small areas. It is open-topped, thus holds and carries open-topped loads of construction rubble, garden refuse as well as any other types of litter or garbage.

Moreover, the mini-skip is a very affordable way to manage domestic rubbish as well as business waste and building/demolition debris. Indeed an excellent way to keep Stilbaai and Jongensfontein clean and at the same time protect the environment.

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Removing Building Rubble

Our bins are 2m³ in size and can carry 2.5 tons. They are built extra strong to be able to handle heavy loads such as building rubble. If you are planning on some renovation or an extension to your home, do not let the rubble problem get in the way of your plans...Read more

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Removing Garden Waste

A garden is a living thing, constantly producing waste which differs slightly from season to season. During summer months garden plants, weed as well as lawns grow more energetically than in winter time.Dead annual plants are pulled out and replaced ..Read more

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Removing Household waste

We do not realise how much junk we hoard over time. This human trend causes us to regularly have to spring-clean and chuck away all the empty plastic containers as well as plastic and glass bottles. The kitchen is probably the...Read more

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Removing Office Waste

Businesses also need to clean up their space regularly. This often creates a problem with lots of paper, empty boxes, packing materials, empty bottles, plastics, cans and even bags of bathroom waste..Read more

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Permanent Bin Placings

It is a good idea to keep a mini-skip permanently available in public places. Our bins will only enhance the environment because of their bright yellow colour. It will assist in keeping...Read more

Mission - Vision - Values


Our company wants to provide a waste removal service assisting people to manage their waste with the least effort making use of our drop-and-collect mini-skips.


This we will accomplish by placing a yellow mini-skip at the scene of the garbage problem. When the bin is full, we will fetch it and transport the waste to a rubbish dumping facility.


We believe that a successful business rests on certain values. These are the values we live and work by:

  • Honesty and integrity – the bedrock of our company
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Excellent customer relations
  • Professional service

Our Passion

We feel passionate about the service we offer to the people sharing this beautiful town with us. Our goal is to assist in keeping our town clean while meeting people and staying busy in a constructive way at the same time.

Stilbaai Bins is a growing company, therefore we are open to suggestions for innovation or constructive criticism.

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