Removing Garden Waste in Stilbaai & Jongensfontein

A garden is a living thing, constantly producing waste which differs slightly from season to season. During summer months garden plants, weeds as well as lawns grow more energetically than in winter time. Dead annual plants are pulled out and replaced by fresh seedlings. Consequently you end up with lots of regular garden waste in the form of pulled weeds, dead flowers, cut backs on plants and also grass cuttings.


Stilbaai Bins


Hedges have to be clipped, trees, shrubs and rosebushes have to be pruned resulting in twigs and small branches to be discarded of somehow. You might have fallen fruit under your fruit trees and during autumn some of the trees in your garden drop their leaves causing heaps and heaps of waste.

Garden refuse can very quickly become a pile of reeking debris attracting rodents and snakes and who knows what other dangers of pests. The solution to this problem is easy – simply ask for a yellow bin to be dropped. You fill it up, we collect it and your problem is solved. We are waiting for your call!

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